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As a 73 year old with severe arthritis of the right knee, I am currently salsa dancing, playing golf, hiking in the beautiful canyons of Utah. How is this possible? One major reason is I regularly receive Structural Integration sessions from Amber Burnham, at the Center for Length. I consider these sessions to be at the core of my self-care. As challenging as it may be to believe, I feel taller and more whole in my body than I did at 33. Amber is a very talented practitioner of an art that should be at the very forefront of preventive health and well-being.

Don St John, Ph.D - author, Healing the Wounds of Childhood

Structural Integration, and specifically the 10-Series, is life changing. In two months while undergoing the 10-Series, I shifted from a mindset of chronic pain management and physical limitations to a life of possibilities. I move like a kid again. I routinely sleep soundly through the night. My car accident-related neck injuries are resolved. Modern medicine treated my symptoms, but never fully addressed the underlying causes, and to a large degree dismissed my opinions on my medical situation. I was stuck in a chronic circle of pain management. Amber listened openly without judgement to my assessment of how I felt within my own body. Amber offered solutions and changed my life in less than two months with the 10-Series. I highly recommend undergoing the 10-Series to everyone. The 10-Series is not a miracle solution, but everyone, no matter their physical limitations, can enhance the way their body moves through Structural Integration.

Johanna Tietze

I've had the great pleasure of receiving Structural Integration work from both Amber and Elisa over the years and I can't recommend them highly enough. Not only do they each possess very honed hands-on skills, they have the sensitivity to match,which is so deeply important in this work! I find that both Amber and Elisa embody the clarity of mind and warmth of heart that make them truly beneficial to their clients as whole persons, not only on the level of their tissues. Their quality of presence and skill inspire me to continue to receive their excellent work and to recommend people to them wholeheartedly. I deeply appreciate their commitment to ongoing learning and education, and the many ways they share their learning and education with their community. I'm so grateful we have them in Salt Lake City!

Erin Geesaman Rabke - Embodied Life Teacher & Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

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Sean McPeak

Amber and Elisa are exceptional Structural Integration teachers! I've been to several of their workshops and plan to go to more in the near future. Their passion for SI is inspiring and contagious! I enjoy their classes because they have the ability to present complicated information in a way that's very clear and easy to understand. They're both intelligent, experienced, and have an exceptionally deep understanding of Dr. Ida P Rolf's vision. I highly recommend their classes to anyone interested in improving their skills in the art of Structural Integration.

David Cobb

I have been a bodywork practitioner for 12 years. Over my 12 years of practice I have always sought the best in my field to train with and have worked with many amazing teachers. I first trained with Amber and Elisa 3 years ago. I cannot fully put into words how incredible they are. Their compassion, integrity, and dedication to our work is bar none. Their humbleness and commitment to staying students is something that has always and will always stay in my mind during every session I do. Amber and Elisa don't just teach Structural Integration they teach and embody how to be a better person, a better practitioner, and that is truly a gift. Being in class with Amber and Elisa, watching them work, observing them interact with students or receiving SI from them is magic. Their deep knowing and understanding of SI and the body is incredibly valuable. Every time I learn from them a deeper layer of the work sinks in. This work is a vocation and people that come to it are forever students and I know that I will continually learn from Amber and Elisa. It is an honour to have them as my teachers.

Carly Rae

My name is Tom Shand and I have been a body worker for 16yrs. I first trained with both of these amazing teachers back in 2011 for my Advanced Training. Since then I have traveled from either Australia or New Zealand for continuing education with them. Their knowledge, skill, and approach to Structural Integration is inspiring and the grace they show teaching together is worth traveling for. Amber and Elisa create eye catching classes that you walk away with feeling empowered and amazing about your new tools and approach to clients and business. When finishing their workshops I leave feeling recharged with new material and new information for my own practice. I am looking forward to coming back to America for more workshops which feed me with technique and skill. Thank you Amber and Elisa for bringing so much knowledge of the LINE to my world. I've been having Structural Integration therapy for the past 4 years with the Center for Length. I went through my 5th back surgery while working with Amber. I was able to better prepare for my 4 level artificial disk treatment through a well defined schedule to put me in the best shape possible while helping me gain a much needed body awareness prior to a very complicated surgery. The Center for Length is part of my weekly routine now. I continue to benefit, as Amber and Elisa continue to learn ...and teach others. The Center for Length provides healing. I'm grateful to have them part of my weekly health routine. If you are interested in finding health and body awareness - you should certainly come to the Center for Length.

Joe Zeidner

I have been receiving Structural Integration since 2002. During that time, I got certified to be a Structural Integration practitioner. I have received 100's of sessions over the years. Hands down, nothing compares to the four handed sessions I have received with Amber & Elisa. They work together so well, you feel like your receiving a session from 1 person (with four hands). The space they hold for you to process is second to none. I try to fly in to Utah every so often to receive a series with them. I have seen and felt my body change and come back into alignment within just 1 of their sessions which usually leaves me excited thinking about having 9 more sessions to go. I love their work so much, but I found one downfall. I've become a Structural Integration snob. lol I am so lucky to have found them and I look forward to my next 4 handed sessions.

John Nash