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To My Teacher and Dear Friend Emmett Wayne Hutchins

To My Teacher and Dear Friend Emmett Wayne Hutchins

Sept 30, 1934- June 27, 2016

In loving memory

“Your line will be your teacher.”
These words of wisdom were spoken from Dr. Rolf to her students when asked, “What will we do when you are gone?” Emmett replied this same way, class after class, when his students asked the same question, “What will we do when you are gone?”

For me this was an empowering statement. A reminder to look inward to find my own answers. In my life, in my education, and in my co-teaching with Emmett, he was empowering. I felt his love, I felt respected, and I knew I had a lot to learn.

Emmett gave me the gift of time. Time to sit by his side, to hear his memories of Dr. Rolf, and to teach her work as he understood it. He loved the recipe, he embodied Dr. Rolf’s work and he passed this love of the work on to each of his students. It was a true joy watching our students and their clients become embodied and the light in their eyes shine brighter. This was his goal; to help people get connected, to help people find their line. His work was love in action.

He called on all of us to “Get Big.” He reminded us that playing small and living in fear was not a way to be alive. His life was a beautiful example of this.

I will miss his deep and rumbling voice. I will miss listening to him describe what he sees in a person’s structure to wide-eyed students, then sending them off to “just do the recipe.” I will miss his contact, his precise touch, his ability to inform my entire structure from a single location. I will miss him mumbling jokes to lighten the room. I will miss his blue eyes, endearing yoda-like features, his beautiful line in motion, but mostly I will miss his big heart.

In gratitude for my teacher I will continue to clarify my line, I will “Get Big,” and I will practice the recipe with love and intention. Emmett’s teachings will live in my bones, and for that I am forever grateful.

Amber Leigh Burnham
IASI Board of Directors

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